Why You Want Zone Climate Control in Your Home or Office

Much like zone defense in football, zone climate control can help you effectively tackle the heat or cold
in certain areas or your home or office. It is a highly recommended method for conserving energy and
lowering heating and air conditioning costs in homes and offices with forced air heating and cooling
If you aren’t using a certain room or area, why waste energy to heat or cool it? Standard heating and air
conditioning systems send heated or cooled air to vents throughout your entire house or office, which is
often unnecessary and can be extremely wasteful. Conversely, like a well-practiced winning sports team
playing zone defense, an HVAC system outfitted with zone climate control can regulate which rooms or
areas of your home or office receive heated or cooled air and which do not.
The winning team of professionals at Anderson Performance Heat and Air can customize a zone climate
control system just for you. It works like this. We install dampers that fit into ducts to seal off air flow.
The number of dampers will be individually tailored to meet your needs.
For example, some folks like to divide their home or office into sections. This works well if you have an
area in your home that you rarely use, such as a suite of rooms, a wing or possibly storage space in your
office. If you prefer to control every room separately, that is perfectly fine as well.
Each damper receives its own thermostat for direct control in that particular area or room. When a
thermostat registers that it has reached the desired temperature, the damper will close and the system
will cycle down in that area. The thermostats are also connected to a central control panel which
operates them all.
If you are interested in zone climate control or have any questions, please feel free to call Anderson
Performance Heat and Air at 386-402-7828.