Fixing Small Saves Big

We expect a lot from our air conditioners here in Florida. They run hard and often in the summer months and even continue to provide us with comfort a large portion of the rest of the year. So, it only makes sense – as lucky as we may be with our gorgeous weather – that we Floridians may be plagued with a few more air conditioning mishaps than folks who live…let’s say, up in North Dakota…or even a few states north, for that matter.

Scheduling a reputable air conditioning and heating firm to conduct regularly scheduled maintenance and, subsequently, small repairs as they are needed is pretty much an essential part of life in Florida. And although no one wants to add more to their to-do list, this one simple precaution can save you tons of hassle, time and money down the proverbial line. Preventive air conditioning maintenance and repairs can even help lower your energy bill.

Here’s even more good news. When you enlist the professional services of the highly trained and dependable Anderson Performance and Heat and Air team, it’s a simple and inexpensive process. The knowledgeable air conditioning experts at Anderson Performance and Heat and Air provide convenient appointments for residential and commercial tune-ups, service and maintenance for all air conditioner makes and models.

Plus, now is the perfect time to take care of any air conditioning maintenance because who wants to deal with a breakdown when it’s too hot and sticky to live without air conditioning during the day and too oppressive to sleep without air conditioning at night? 

Call Anderson Performance Heat and Air at 386-402-7828 to schedule your regular air conditioning maintenance today so you don’t get into any hot water (or hot air) tomorrow.