Why Regular Maintenance on Your AC Unit Will Save You Money

Performance is the name and regular maintenance is the game…at least it should be. A name says a lot about something and what we are saying is that performance is key. When your air conditioning unit operates at optimal efficiency, it will save you a lot of valuable time, effort and money. The way to achieve and maintain efficient performance is with regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit. 

Okay so, the concept that we need to get under our proverbial belt is that basic air conditioning maintenance is much more cost-effective than any repairs or service that you might need if you forego regular air conditioning maintenance. Did you know that the absence of regular AC unit maintenance increases the likelihood that your AC unit will experience some sort of failure? Emergency repairs can also be pretty pricey. It’s much more reasonable to just buckle down and put yourself on a regularly scheduled AC maintenance program.

Now let’s talk about air conditioning unit lifespan. The average is about 10-12 years. However, with regular maintenance, you could extend that lifespan all the way up to 20 years! Routine maintenance is also far less expensive than buying and installing a brand spanking new AC unit. That’s for sure!

What about utility bills? A dirty air conditioning unit will strain to cool your home or business – most likely working twice as hard. That amount of work adds to your utility bill every month. Wouldn’t it be better to pay one time for your regularly scheduled AC maintenance than that extra unnecessary amount for your utilities every single month? You betcha!

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