Take Advantage of the Cold Weather to Upkeep Your HVAC Unit

What if someone said, “Your family is hot”? Even though I am sure your family is a very good looking crew, since you live in Florida, it may very possibly mean that your air conditioning is not working. Don’t let this happen to you. Take advantage of this cooler weather to make certain your HVAC unit is running optimally.

I know we’ve had some chilly days this winter – some days that may have even warranted you briefly turning on your heater to ward off the chill. However, all-in-all, this winter is a mild one…a winter with quite a few less than toasty days, but one with temperatures that haven’t dipped all that far for all that long. It could certainly be worse, and we are rounding the bend, looking ahead to – hopefully – nice moderate temperatures very soon.

Consequently, it is the perfect time to have your HVAC unit tested and tuned-up so that you don’t have to worry about your house feeling like a hot yoga session this summer! And lucky for you, Anderson Performance Heat and Air has been providing affordable, reliable air conditioning and heating maintenance and service for over 35 years. Our professional, knowledgeable, friendly HVAC technicians can come to your home (or business), perform comprehensive diagnostic tests and ensure that your system is running efficiently. 

Fully licensed and family-owned, Anderson Performance Heat and Air expertly meets the HVAC maintenance, repair and installation needs of Edgewater, New Smyrna Beach, Daytona, South Daytona, Port Orange and the surrounding areas. Just give us a call at 386-402-7828. Then, if anyone says anything about you being hot this summer, feel free to preen in the mirror because, my friend, they are not talking about your HVAC unit!