How Do You Know It Is Time for a New Air Conditioner?

Hate when your cold beverages leave condensation rings all around the house? Going through antiperspirants at an unusual rate? Do arguments seem to be more heated than normal? How do you really know it’s time for a new air conditioner?

There are a few common tell-tale signs that indicate your air conditioner is looking to “retire”: 

Two key indicators that it is time for a new air conditioner are lack of cool air and limited air flow. They don’t have to happen simultaneously, but both suggest that your air conditioning unit is most likely not working properly.

If you hear clunking or sputtering – like when old Aunt Betty climbs the stairs – that is a really bad sign. Any noise that comes from your air conditioner should be barely noticeable.

If you smell anything other than clean air, that is a problem; and burnt smells can indicate issues that need immediate attention.

Excessive moisture is also a sign of a poorly operating air conditioner. Keep in mind that air conditioners all create moisture, but a lot of moisture or leakage around your air conditioning unit could very possibly turn out to be a refrigerant leak.

Air conditioners typically last roughly 12-15 years according to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. The actual lifespan of an air conditioner can even be as low as 3 years or as high as 20, depending upon how hard it is required to work…and need I say, “We live in Florida”? 

Upgrading your air conditioner could actually reduce your energy bills and save you money for years to come. If you have any questions, feel free to call the air conditioning specialist you can trust – Anderson Performance Heat and Air.