Drafty? Check Your Outlets!

When protecting our homes against those dastardly drafts, we tend to first think of insulating our attics or sealing gaps around our windows and under our doors. While those steps definitely can help save on our heating and cooling bill costs, have you ever considered that poorly sealed or flimsy electric outlet and light switch covers could be robbing your home of valuable heat or air conditioning?

They can, and since insulating the outlets in your home can be extremely inexpensive, the effort is definitely worth the time and meager investment. If you’ve ever removed an electrical outlet cover, you may have noticed that there is a pretty big space surrounding the outlet, which can allow drafts to easily flow in and out. Consequently, it is an excellent idea to seal any air gaps there and even around any plumbing and conduit in your home as well.

It’s a simple process too. All you need to do is to fill the large gaps around your outlets with steel wool, get yourself some fire-retardant insulating foam, and spray. There is also an added bonus to sealing your electrical outlets and light switches well. It can also block insects and rodents from entering your home. Yep, job well done!

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