When All Else Fails, Upgrade!

Are you experiencing frequent air conditioning unit breakdowns? Is your air conditioning system failing to cool as efficiently as it once did? Are you noticing excess moisture in your home due to damp air?

No one wants to be forced to buy a new AC unit, but then again, no one wants to be left sweltering in the oppressive Florida heat when their air conditioner fails, pay higher than normal utility bills because their air conditioning unit is working way too hard or shell out the cash for way too frequent air conditioning repairs.

Reputable, skilled air conditioning experts, like those as Anderson Performance Heat & Air, can ensure that you benefit from all of the life in your current air conditioning unit. Trust me, I know because I am a very satisfied customer. In fact, we were actually told by our Anderson Performance Heat and Air maintenance technician that our older air conditioning unit still had life in it; and he advised us to wait a bit before committing to the purchase of a new air conditioning unit. These guys are amazing!

However, there comes a time when you WILL need to replace your AC unit. So, how do you know when it is time to actually bite the bullet and upgrade your air conditioner? It’s wise to handle your new AC purchase the same way you would take care of your AC repairs – by using air conditioning experts you can trust to confirm that it is THAT time.

Please also keep in mind that in our COVID-stricken world, certain AC units may take a little longer to get in your hot little hands. Don’t be left out in the cold…or the heat, as the case may be. You can reach the air conditioning and heating professionals at Anderson Performance Heat & Air at 386-402-7828.