Is Your Unit Big Enough?

HVAC systems which are too small or too large for a space will work inefficiently, wasting energy, increasing energy bills and possibly resulting in system failure…

An air conditioning unit which is too small to properly cool your home or office is forced to run harder and longer, placing an enormous amount of mechanical stress on your system, creating a much higher chance of a system malfunctioning as well as a shorter lifespan of your air conditioning unit.

Air conditioning units are designed to generate their output in cycles – each working toward keeping your home or office at your intended temperature setting. If an air conditioning unit is too large, it will generate too much output, shutting down before each cycle can complete. This is referred to as short-cycling and it happens more frequently than you might think, with unscrupulous sales personnel overselling in order to turn a larger profit.

In order for your air conditioning unit to perform optimally and maintain its maximum life expectancy, allowing you to get the most for your money, it should be the proper size for your home or office. This is where experienced, reliable AC professionals, like the ones at Anderson Performance Heat & Air come into play. 

At Anderson Performance Heat & Air, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and personalized attention to fit the particular needs of each customer. We will never recommend any products or services you don’t need.