Cleaning Your Outside Unit?

Wondering if you should clean your outside air conditioner (AC) unit? You certainly should! Keeping your outside AC unit clean and free of debris is important, not only to ensure optimal AC performance, but to help avoid mechanical mishaps and higher utility bills. 

To operate at peak performance, outdoor AC units require adequate air flow, so make sure no one places anything on top of your AC unit, that you don’t plant anything too close and that you trim any existing shrubs, tree limbs and other foliage surrounding your AC unit. Structures like fences and storage buildings should be kept a few feet away as well.

Homeowners are encouraged to regularly inspect their outdoor AC units for any surrounding debris and remove it, along with any cobwebs or leaves stuck in your AC unit. If you turn off the power to your AC unit at the circuit breaker for safety, you can also rinse your outdoor AC unit with a hose. To avoid damaging coils, just don’t use too strong of a stream of water and never use a power washer.

To be even safer, it is always a good idea to employ the services of a trusted AC technician, such as the ones you will find at Anderson Performance Heat & Air. To schedule your affordable, regular maintenance with a reliable AC service professional from Anderson, call 386-402-7828 today!