What You Should Look for When Buying an AC Unit

Of course everyone wants a good price when they have a new air conditioner installed, so you will want to employ the services of an air conditioning vendor that offers affordable, competitive rates – one like family-owned Anderson Performance Heating & Air, that understands the value of long standing customer relationships built on trust and years of service. 

Additionally, now is the perfect time to buy if you are looking for the best deal on an air conditioner. Did you know that the Inflation Reduction Act provides substantial tax deductions on certain energy investments including new air conditioners? Plus, timing is everything as far as the weather as well, because who wants to deal with Florida’s blistering heat when your air conditioner quits. Absolutely no one, so prepping in advance of the summer ahead is an excellent plan.

There’s a lot more to it though, so what else should you look for when buying an air conditioning unit? The first thing you need to know about the air conditioner you are considering is its capacity. An air conditioner needs to be the right size for your home or business to deliver optimal performance. A knowledgeable, trustworthy air conditioning professional, like the ones at Anderson Performance Heating and Air, can help you with that. 

You also need to make certain that your new air conditioning unit is efficient, providing cooling with the least amount of power (and energy cost) expended; and since humidity has a direct effect on cooling power, you will want to know how well your new air conditioning unit can reduce humidity. Your warranty is important too, and the length of time and parts and service they cover can vary from air conditioning unit to unit. 

Finally, make sure that the air conditioning contractor that you hire is licensed and reputable and that your estimate is provided in writing and after a personal home visit. You can reach Anderson Performance Heating & Air at 386-402-7828.