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Have you ever tried cooking dinner or concentrating on homework when it is hot as blazes? Heck, even walking down the hall can be a chore when your air conditioning is on the fritz. No one wants to wait until your entire family is sweltering, bathed in sweat and cranky to boot! Now is the time to get ahead of the heat. Schedule a FREE, no obligation estimate for air conditioning maintenance, repair or replacement at Anderson Performance Heat & Air.

Anderson Performance Heat & Air offers excellent warranties and affordable service and maintenance agreements. We also repair all makes and models and provide quality, professional services to both residential and commercial customers. That reminds me, you don’t want to worry about questionable air conditioning at your business. You could lose business and employees just can’t perform as well in the heat.

Don’t wait until you’re smack dab in the middle of summer’s blistering heat before you call. Now is the time to address your air conditioning issues. Anderson Performance Heat & Air accepts credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. Plus, we offer flexible financing so that you can buy now while it makes sense and pay later when you have the cents!

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