Keep Your Compressor Clean!

It is essential to make compressor cleaning part of your regular air conditioning maintenance. Here in Florida, our air conditioning systems can work hard to cool and expel hot air to provide that much needed comfort we all desire. 

Accumulating dust, dirt, grime, debris and bugs can block heat from escaping, ultimately impeding the entire air cooling process within your home or office. Your lawn mower, dryer vents and fallen leaves can all be air conditioner compressor clogging culprits. 

Consequently, you will want to minimize the amount of dirt and debris next to your air conditioning unit and trim back any plants at least two feet to allow for adequate air flow around your compressor. Make sure the metal fins on your air conditioning unit are not bent and blocking air flow. Additionally, ensure that condensation drains remain unblocked. This will help reduce humidity and moisture on furniture, in your carpets and more.

Also, we all know how important it is to regularly replace our air conditioner filters. When air conditioner filters become clogged, they reduce air flow as well, resulting in decreased efficiency; but did you know that your air conditioner filters can also keep your air conditioner condenser free of debris…and that is a very good thing.

If your air conditioner’s condenser coil doesn’t work efficiently to expel hot air, it can affect your entire air conditioning system, increasing your energy consumption and energy bills, and even affecting the longevity of your air conditioner.

Here’s the best tip. Regular maintenance from a reliable and affordable company like Anderson Performance Heat and Air can keep your air conditioner running optimally…and that is also a very good thing.