How to Increase Energy Efficiency

We’re all looking to save a buck these days and becoming as energy efficient as possible in your home and/or office is a great way to do it! The first thing you want to do is make sure you are not losing valuable cool or hot air anywhere. Are your windows properly energy efficient? Are your windows and doors properly sealed and is your home or office adequately insulated?

Appliances can also make a big difference in energy efficiency. You can purchase energy efficient dishwashers, refrigerators and washers and dryers and run them efficiently as well. For instance, try running them at night when it is cooler; setting your refrigerator no higher than the manufacturer suggested setting; washing your clothes in cold water; and drying your clothes and dishes without the heat setting on high. You can also save on energy bills by making sure you wait to run your dishwasher and washer and dryer until you have full loads. There are even toilets that flush more energy efficiently, so it pays to research before buying or replacing your appliances.

Try using LED bulbs and low-flow fixtures and don’t keep your electronics charging longer than you have to. Ceiling fans can reduce the temperature of your home or office by a few degrees, but be wary of bathroom fans, as they are often forgotten and left on far too long – wasting valuable energy.

Your thermostat can also make or break you when it comes to energy efficiency. Dropping your thermostat even a few degrees can save you money. Plus, ask yourself if there are times when your office doesn’t have to run all that energy at full blast – like possibly nights or weekends, when there may not be any employees around…and when there is no one at home. Programmable thermostats and smart home and office systems can also help.

Finally, change filters regularly so that your system doesn’t have to run harder or longer than necessary and make certain you have the right system for your home or office. It’s kind of like Goldilocks (sort of) said. You don’t want overkill or a system that is too weak. You want it just right! For questions, just ask the cooling and heating experts at Anderson Performance Heating & Air.