How to Control the Humidity in Your Home

Are things getting stuffy, sticky and stinky at your house? Don’t despair! Optimal humidity levels can make your home comfortable year-round and Anderson Performance Heat and Air is here to help.

You may be surprised at how much humidity can either negatively or positively affect your home. When a home is too dry, it can dry out your nose and throat, make your skin itchy and flaky and aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms – which we certainly don’t need here with all our crazy pollen counts! Humidity levels that are too low can even cause cracks or splits in wooden floors, cabinets or furniture.

In Florida, we suffer a bit more with excess moisture. Too much humidity in your home can create issues with mildew and mold growth and the not-so-great smells that accompany them. Excess humidity also makes it difficult for perspiration to evaporate, making you feel even hotter.

We all could use the optimal level of moisture in our homes – which at the ideal range should be about 40-50% moisture in the air. The best way to control the humidity and keep your house cool and comfortable in the heat of the summer is with a high performance air conditioning system installed by a reliable air conditioning company like Anderson Performance Heat and Air. Anderson Performance Heat and Air is staffed by professionals with the knowledge and skill to handle any residential or commercial air conditioning or heating service or replacement issue; and this fully licensed, family-owned business has been serving the industry for over 35 years, so you know you can trust us to get the job done right. 

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