Don’t Close That Vent!

We all like to save money; and it would seem that we would if we closed our air conditioning and heating vents in the rooms we didn’t use, right? Wrong. Closing certain vents within your home won’t save energy or money and can even be detrimental to your air conditioning and/or heating units.

Here’s why…Regardless of how many vents you open or close in your home, it won’t alter what your blower, heat pump or air conditioner units work hard to produce and transfer. Your air conditioner and heater will always create exactly the same amount of cool or heated air. 

Plus, if your duct unit isn’t a state-of-the-art, well-sealed one, closing vents could create too much force, resulting in leaks in your duct work and causing your air conditioner or heating system to work harder and waste more energy – all of which is counter-productive to any cost-saving goal. 

However, let’s say Granny – who is always colder than it seems humanly possible and whose high thermostat setting choice makes your entire family work hard to avoid dripping with sweat – lives with you. Closing one or two vents in her room may be okay if your vents work optimally and your static pressure is low.

You need low static pressure, along with those well-sealed vents, in order for the whole closed vent scenario to work. Closing air conditioning and heating vents when you have custom duct work providing higher static pressure is a potential high dollar problem, which could create costly damage to your air conditioning or heating system.

If you want to be sure you are making good air conditioning or heating decisions or you have any questions, feel free to contact the air conditioning and heating experts at Anderson Performance Heat & Air.